Success: Multiple Sclerosis Study

Success: Multiple Sclerosis Study



To identify and understand the demographics and healthcare burden of real-world populations of Primary Progressive and Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS and SPMS, respectively) patients.

Data Source

Data Provider
Real world or Clinical Trial?
Real World
Data Type
Multiple Sclerosis
Number of patients

Key Results

Data Representativeness

Patients had a median of 10 years of data from health care visits available and were geographically represented across the US.


Demographic data showed the median age was 52–56 years; there were more females than males, especially in the SPMS population; and most patients were White/Caucasian (74%–81%) followed by Black/African American (9%–17%)


These patients continued to have a high unmet need as they required substantial healthcare resource utilization, with the majority having at least one hospitalization and an average hospital stay of 4–7 days.

Plinth Deliverables

  • Data cleaning and preparation
  • Scientific guidance in both study preparation and during joint SME discussions
  • Descriptive data analysis with tables and and visualizations
  • Statistical modeling and predictive analytics
  • Interactive, reproducible, report published to password protected, secure portal
  • Version controlled, documented, analytic code stored in a shared repository
  • Feedback and guidance to support poster submission

Business Impact

  • Atara was able to get answers to their research questions quickly, which allowed them to publish the results at their next conference with tight timelines.
  • Plinth, having deep existing knowledge on PicnicHealth data, was able to make critical analysis suggestions, and propel continual, proactive progress.


Who You Are: Crystal Watson, Sr. Director, Global Value, Access and Outcomes, Atara Biotherapeutics

Our Time Together: Plinth helped with analyzing our PicnicHealth data. We lost our internal data analyst, so needed someone to analyze the data and quickly.

Your Experience: We had a great experience with Plinth! They had great knowledge of the data and were able to “hit-the-ground running” with the analysis and value they were able to provide. There was no wasted time (and money) of having them learn the data. They asked very insightful questions to make sure we were aligned, documented these decisions, and then ran the data. The analysis were on a secure website with the latest data and documentation, making it easy to find in one location. They also created helpful visual tools/ aids to help better understand the data with double clicks and more granular sub-group analysis at a click of a button. These tables and graphs were really helpful when presenting to internal teams, since we could easily go from high-level to details quickly. It was really easy to visually see the results and drivers at a quick glance. They were also able to join call with our data vendor or our internal team to better understand the data and research questions, which helped with alignment.

The Results: They provided high impact quickly. We were able to get answers to our research questions quickly, which allowed us to publish the results at the next conference with tight timelines. The speed and iterations of the analysis was critical and they were able to deliver. Since the data tables and visuals were already available, the poster creation was easy.

Would You Recommend Plinth?: Yes, I would highly recommend Plinth! They were easy to work with, understood what we were trying to accomplish, asked insightful questions to help with the process, quickly ran the analysis, and presented it in an easy to understand manner with graphs/ tables/ maps. They were always up front with the hours and timelines, which made it easy to manage the budget and internal expectations for data availability. Internal decisions were easy to make due to the visual presentations and the sub-group data to support it. Their knowledge and expertise helped with interpreting the data and understanding key drivers. I look forward to working with them in the future.