Success: RWD Cohort Builder

Success: RWD Cohort Builder


90% of all analytics projects start with the question “How many people are in our database that satisfy a specific set of clinical and observational criteria?” Can you help us find a way to reduce the amount of time it takes us to answer these questions from weeks to minutes?

Key Results

🏦 80% Time savings in responding to sales requests
👩🏿‍💻 0 Lines of code required to create customized patient cohorts
💯 100+ hours saved of quantitative sciences development time


  • An industry leading provider of patient-centered real world data, needed tools to generate bespoke patient cohorts.
  • Cohort specifications required both disease-specific and disease-independent criteria.
  • Both coders (quantitative scientists and engineers) and non-coders (commercial and marketing) users.
  • Must ensure high levels of data quality and appropriateness for any given research project.


  • Met with stakeholders to identify scope in terms of usability, speed, and functionality.
  • Surveyed the team’s code base to understand what existing work could be leveraged.
  • Designed, prototyped, and iterated solutions based on cross-functional team feedback.


  • An R package providing a simple code-first interface for users to generate a bespoke one-row-per-patient cohorts.
  • A web-based no-code dashboard enabling point-and-click access to key package features.
  • User documentation, end-to-end templates and guides and a company-wide demonstration of the tools’ capabilities.

Business Impact

  • The quantitative sciences team was freed from hundreds of hours of impending development time.
  • Teams were enabled to quickly generate answers to client questions live during client meetings that would have otherwise required days of resourcing.
  • A vision for a new future client-facing product leveraging the “RWD cohort builder” was born.